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Over 95 thousand users and more than eighteen (18) years of professional experience (Nursing Homes, Wound Care Centers, Home Care, Hospices, VA Hospitals, etc.), have clinically shown DermaWound® to be of major and immediate benefit in the management of chronic non-healing wounds (pressure / bed sores, diabetic leg & foot ulcers, venous stasis ulcers, trauma, burns, surgical wound breakdown, etc.).

Gauze Pads, Tapes, Rolled Gauze, Compression Wraps, Non-Adherent Pads, ABD Pads, Antibiotic Ointments at discount prices. If you use DermaWound, these are all the supplies you will ever need!

Soothing Salve™
Skin Conditioners for Bed Sore Rash, Diaper Rash and Skin Irritation. Use anywhere body friction causes chafing or blistering. Soothes and heals quickly.

Safe Nail Therapy
A must for all Diabetics. Hydrates and strengthens the nail bed and cuticle; promoting growth of healthy, strong nails. Helps to fix and prevent hangnails.

Progressive Doctors
Pain Relief

The New Gold Standard for All Arthritis, Joint & Pain Formulas. This is it! If you want to really experience pain relief and long lasting healing... you have to try this. Simply put, it works.
Progressive Doctors
Animal Pain Spray

Effective Pain Relief for Pets/Dogs & Horses. Treats Injuries Secondary to Trauma (Sprains & Strains), Over-exertion / Racing / Rodeo / etc. (+Laminitis in Equines)

Question... Do you want to keep progressively deteriorating taking more and more oral meds or insulin? (This Link will take you to another site.)

Safe Nail Polish & Remover
Conventional polish is more damaging on many levels than you could ever imagine or have been told. Simply look at what it does to your nails over time; and the smell! Safe Nail Polish™ is the answer for healthy, beautiful nails for you and your loved ones. (This Link will take you to another site.)


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/ Tape / Rolled Gauze / Compression Wraps
Non-Adherent Pads
/ ABD Pads / Barrier Salves & Ointments

Stretchable Compression Wraps / Similar to 3M Coban
...For Lightweight Wrapping/Securing & Compression Procedures.
(Latex & Latex-free)

Andover CoFlex® Compression Wrap
An economical bandage for use when lightweight compression is required.
Controlled compression with non-slip support, CoFlex® is extremely soft.
Adheres to itself and is easy to tear or cut.
Tan / 5 yard rolls

4 ” x 5yd Roll - $5.85 each

4 ” x 5yd Roll (6 Rolls/Box) - $31.59 Box (save 10%)

Andover CoFlex® NL (Latex-free) Compression Wrap
All the qualities of the Co-Flex® Bandage (see below) without latex.
Provides consistent compression or support. Can be used to secure dressings or orthotics.
Adheres to itself, not to skin, and remains secure without clips. Lightweight and cool.
Tan / 5 yard rolls

2” x 5yd One Roll - $5.43

2” x 5yd Roll (6 Rolls/Box) - $29.34 Box (save 10%)

/ Tape
/ Rolled Gauze / Compression Wraps
Non-Adherent Pads
/ ABD Pads / Barrier Salves & Ointments

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